Sciatic nerve pain is also known as “sciatica.” It’s often caused when a low back injury, such as a herniated spinal disc, puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. Such pain can occur suddenly or slowly over time. The result is excruciating pain that runs down the leg, interfering in the most basic movements, such as getting in and out of a car or playing a favorite sport. At Injury 2 Health in Lawrenceville, GA, we specialize in treating sciatica so that you can get back to your healthy and active lifestyle.

Getting to the Cause of Sciatica

Dr. Farrah Hamedani is your Lawrenceville, GA chiropractic doctor.  She applies evidence-based techniques to treat the cause of pain, not just the symptoms. For example, there may be arthritic changes in the spine that put pressure on the sciatic nerve, leading to shooting pain and even numbness all the way down to your toes. With precise clinical analysis, Dr. Hamedani determines how those arthritic changes have affected your body.

Possibly you have suffered a sudden injury, such as a car accident that causes a herniated spinal disc. When the disc presses on the sciatic nerve, even normal movements such as playing with your child or putting on clothes can be impossible.  We use our diagnostic expertise to determine how the forces and trajectory caused by the accident may have impacted your spine, hips, and other parts of the body.

Giving You Pain Relief

After a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Hamedani will use proven chiropractic techniques that are known nationally as well as worldwide. These techniques include mobilization, spinal manipulation, and massage. The professionals at Injury 2 Health want you to have permanent relief from sciatic nerve pain. That’s why we design a specialized holistic treatment plan of corrective and preventive health care strategies that fit your specific needs. We take time to learn about your desires at home, at work, with family, and at play. That is, we provide superior total health care to the “Whole You.”

Moving Forward

Your personalized plan includes a combination of corrective exercises, stretches, and postural realignment techniques that steadily decrease sciatica. Because treatment is tailored to fit your specific needs, you can look forward to the best possible results! We also may include heat or cold therapy, ultrasound, and many other evidence-based chiropractic treatments that our health care team is known for.

Our Passion is Serving You

At Injury 2 Health in Lawrenceville GA, we have solutions for the challenges of sciatic nerve pain.  We are committed to your total health and well-being.

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